Regina king dating outside of your race

03-Nov-2017 14:14

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What exactly are her options when so many desire a ?

When a woman is single, She becomes obese with responsibility that is not hers.

And I guess I’m just too chocolate for some brother’s… More and more of our brothers are exiling Black women from their lives and replacing them with White or ‘other than’ women…other than Black that is.” She sighed.

I lamely answered, “Who the hell knows what Black men want…why don’t you do what they do—date outside of your race. “Hell my baby sisters are doing just that…in fact they don’t even look at Black men.

"Southland" actress Regina King and her boo "Reed Between The Lines" star Malcolm Jamal Warner were spotted out having dinner in LA over the weekend.

See their pics inside and see photos of Regina's Oscar viewing party.

Regina King, at least on the outside looking in, is a good woman. Not everyone wants to get married and grown man does not equal marriage. Don Cheadle and his Lady been together for 19 years and they are Not Married, Marriage is Not Everything!

The fact that MJW tries to deny any association with her is a testament to what a piece of crap he really is. There's plenty of players our there that are married. Regina and Malcolm want to keep their Relationship PRIVATE, It is Nothing Wrong with that!

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The beautiful lips, curves and features that Black Women had a monopoly on, are now found everywhere. Regardless of the reason, whenever we step outside our Nature we increase the risk of diminishing our existence.

In the interest of privacy, I’ll name my friend Marcia.

Marcia is feeling a little bit of the ‘black, single woman’ angst and she doesn’t like it.

Atlantic Records was thrilled with the final result for “Finding Your Way Back.” Now she’s firmly a part of the Shondaland family.

Director Paris Barclay was impressed enough with King’s visual style to encourage her to enter a broadcast network directing program.

These two are still trying to keep their relationship under wraps (now we know y'all have been feelin' each other since your "Cosby"/"227" days), but the paps caught them wining and dining over the weekend.