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While beta irradiations can be done on the 1100 (with the irradiation port and sample elevator, and a 740 beta irradiator plus Sr-90 source), it is recommended that the 801 multiple sample alpha/beta irradiator be used instead since samples should preferably be irradiated and held for 12-24 hours at 100-150C to remove any fading component.An alternative option for on-instrument irradiation, especially attractive for authenticity dating and single aliquot techniques, is the model 770 beta irradiator/transfer arm, which moves the irradiator to the 1100 only when required, thus avoiding the troublesome elevated dark count from bremstrahlen radiation from a nearby source.While the most versatile of our systems, the 1100, can accomplish both TL and OSL measurements very well, the new 2200 high capacity OSL system is the better choice where the primary technique is OSL, and especially where TL capability already exists in the lab.The 1150 high capacity TL system is designed for additive dose geological measurement where the irradiations are external; now that single aliquot OSL techniques that require multiple irradiations are popular, this is not the best choice.A 150-m-long drilling core (YZ07) was retrieved from the southwest coast of the SYS on the northern flank of the Yangtze River delta.Overall, 28 samples extracted from the upper 50 m of core YZ07 were investigated.High Precision: Price available on enquiry - please contact Prof Gordon Cook. Alternatively, telephone or write to Professor Gordon Cook (details below).

The ionizing radiation produces electron-hole pairs: Electrons are in the conduction band and holes in the valence band.

£305 ( VAT) per sample for batches of 10-39 samples.