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23-Nov-2017 22:39

The latest scam involves AK Saseendran, a minister of Kerala’s ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF), who allegedly had phone sex with a woman, as claimed by a channel which aired an audio clip.

It’s possible that the minister was honey-trapped into the lewd conversation, but that in no way makes it any less sinful than if he had flirted with the lady in question on his own.

Sex scams have plagued politics across India, but there is little doubt that the tiny state of Kerala beats all others in the matter of high libido among politicians of all hues.

A politician getting caught with pants down is nearly the order of the day in Kerala, and yet each time a sex scam breaks out, newspapers and television channels cover it with the same elaborate detail they ran stories on the 2004 tsunami.

Women cannot generally be elected or appointed to offices or service in public capacities. The civil law excluded women from all offices civil or public: Faemintae ab omnibus officiis civilibus vel publicis remotae sunt.

Only yesterday we heard about Anonymous taking on the Dark Web based child pornography websites and now a similar operation was launched against pages/groups on Facebook uploading pornographic content.

However, this time, the attack has been initiated by a group of Kerala, India, based hacker group called Kerala Cyber Warriors (KCW), which claim to be an ethical hacking collective.

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The arrogance of the unchallenged power filled some Congress leaders with enough confidence to abuse other vulnerable women as well to satisfy their carnal desires with impunity.

Some pages were dedicated to running online prostitution rings too.

Although Kerala police have been trying to hunt down such groups with its recently launched Operation “Big Daddy” but seem like their efforts were not enough while KCW was a lot more efficient in this case.

Some of the hacked pages or groups displayed intimate/private images of females of all ages while some were marketed as revenge porn sites on which users could upload pictures of their previous partners.

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Some pages/groups offered sexting service and allowed posting of illegal content from random people.

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