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Sex is the fastest growing addiction in this country.

Small gal with big dreams and determined to #walkbyfaith I've always been passionate about reading and education. A., I joined the NYC Teaching Fellows and taught 3rd and 5th grade in a high-need area in Brooklyn, NY. That's why I was super excited that Aiden and I were able to attend an event yesterday at the New York Public Library.

During this time, I learned first-hand the importance of teaching children the value of reading from an early age. In honor of the National Education Association (NEA), Target unveiled a 26-foot-tall installation on the steps of the library, which spelled the word "read." Amaze!

In this guest post for The Grand Narrative, he outlines key events that led to the adoption of the problematic law and the motivation for his research: Korea’s Anti-Sex Trade Laws In September 2000, the notorious Gunsan Brothel Fire killed five women who had been held captive.

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Their tragic deaths exposed the conditions in Korea’s sex industry and triggered a campaign by women’s rights activists to reform the country’s prostitution laws.

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