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This functional resilience in pottery use, in the face of climatic changes, suggests that cultural influences rather than environmental factors are more important in the widespread uptake of pottery.

Dr Oliver Craig, Director of Bio Ar Ch in York’s Department of Archaeology, said: “Here, we are starting to acquire some idea of why pottery was invented and became such a successful technology.

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As resurgence in forests took place, an increase in vegetation and animals led to new food sources becoming available.

Posted on 21 March 2016 Archaeologists at the University of York, leading a large international team, have revealed surprising new insights into why pottery production increased significantly at the end of the last Ice Age – with culture playing a bigger role than expected.

Investigating the use and expansion of hunter-gatherer pottery in Japan, home to some of the earliest pottery in the world, researchers analysed 143 ceramic vessels from Torihama, an ancient site in western Japan.

The ware is sometimes mistaken by the uninitiated for European majolica or American art pottery.

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Unlike majolica and the vast majority of Western art pottery, most Awaji pottery is robustly hand-thrown, with only small and complex forms molded.

We do know from the recent dating of Xianrendong Cave Pottery (c.18,000 BCE) and Yuchanyan Cave Pottery (16,000 BCE) that Chinese pottery was the first type of ceramic ware in East Asia.