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22-Jan-2018 20:40

First of all, most of what they think may be correct advice, they learned from the magazines I talked about above.

Simply because something is popular, they see the popular information as proof.

But that, ladies, is a TERRIBLE FUCKING IDEA, because if you actually read Cosmo and look up their flirting tips……well, you’re going to find shit like this: “Tell a capable cutie that you have a minor emergency: an itch you can’t reach.” I you the guy is going to think that you’re talking about your boobs. I mean, don’t try this with any dessert ever, but don’t try this with an ice cream cone. “Tell him you have a unique proposition: You’ll buy him a drink in exchange for an entertaining conversation.” Isn’t that how ALL bar propositions work? Look, I’m all for being aggressive, but let’s keep it legal. So, I absolutely, 100% warn you, if you do not want to die alone, please do not take a word of what Cosmo says seriously.

So it’s only natural that we all turn to advice to help us, and for many girls, Cosmo seems to be the go-to source for flirting tips. “At a café, dip your finger in your dessert, put it in your mouth, and slowly pull it out while eyeing a hot guy.” Please don’t try this with an ice cream cone. Stir things up and offer him a sample of your special potion.” You know that Cosmo has shitty flirting tips when they’re resorting to telling girls to roofie their potential dates. Flirting may be hard, but let’s not make it even more complicated than it needs to be.

I first searched for a chocolate old-fashioned—not only because it’s delicious, but also because the hole is often bigger than the ones in yeast donuts.

After going to three different donut shops and failing, I settled on a common chocolate glazed donut, whose hole measured three-quarters of an inch (yes, I measured it).

And plus, seeing a penis hang from a sugary donut must be a huge turn on. Press a fork (firmly, but don’t break the skin or anything) into different parts of his body—his butt cheeks, his pecs, his thighs. Give him a beer facial — the combination of the egg white and the yeast in the hops hydrates and improves skin elasticity… Dip your breasts in edible body paint, and use them to ‘sponge paint’ his entire body. Soaking your breasts with paint and using them as sponges to do artwork on your guy’s entire body? Rip off the cami you slept in, and tie it over his eyes. Cue- ‘Everyone is watching us going…’ feel if you were forced awake and blindfolded with a bra? Okay, I can’t even fathom why this move would turn any guy on. you can tap it back and forth like you’re volleying a tennis ball and lightly pinch the skin on his shaft and testicles. Rub lotion along your inner thighs, and have him slide his penis in and out between them.

, August 2012 issue) This sounds completely safe and totally normal… but you can just tell him that your lips can’t resist his delicious, beer-flavored face. Balls are not meant to be bitten, not even delicately! Playing with the penis by beating it around and pinching it like a toy will definitely put a smile on your guy’s face. Because guys obviously prefer to have sex with your inner thighs instead of going for your vagina. When he’s close to the finish line, prolong the pleasure by having him pull out his penis and rub it across your stomach until neither of you can stand it.

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Why stick to a regular blow job when you can make the task even harder by feasting on some extra calories during the act? In the shower, get him to shave your legs for ultimate submission. Tricking him into doing your work for you definitely ought to get him in the mood. Evoke His Blind Ambition: You wake up with 2.5 minutes to spare before your alarm rings. And as an added bonus, maybe you can have that person hop out and yell “surprise” at the end. Instruct him to wrap your chest and torso in plastic wrap and touch you through it — the muted sensation feels amazeballs. Hold his penis in one hand and lightly slap it with the other…Worthless dating advice generally comes from popular commercial magazines like Cosmo, close, well-intended, but ignorant single friends, and your mother who thinks you can do no wrong.

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